As a consultant, I help businesses improve their performance.  I assist by helping them solve specific problems such as employee engagement, managing change, customer attrition and lack of sales.  I do this by finding new, improved and creative ways of doing things.  In my previous roles as a senior leader, I achieved peaked performance and was able to lead large teams to achieve extraordinary results for Fortune 500 companies such as Best Buy, AT&T and Citigroup.

Here is a sample of six specific keynotes that can be tailored to help you grow and improve employee morale, increase customer loyalty and increase your bottom line:

  • Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn
  • Leadership Gold
  • Put Your Dream to the Test
  • Becoming a Person of Influence
  • Everyone Communicates, Few Connect
  • How to be a Real Success

To stay competitive and grow your company, you will need to be strategic and invest in your teams.  Because of my leadership development experience and continued education, I will be able to provide the tools necessary to take your company to the next leve.  It is my goal to transform businesses to reach their highest level of potential

I certainly look forward to working with your company.

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