Maricela Messner

Thank you for your interest in reading about me.  I share my story in hopes that you may gain some insight into my love for leadership.

I learned everything I know about leadership today from watching my mom.  She taught me the value of leadership through hard work and sacrifice.  My mom immigrated to the US in 1979, when I was six years old.  She was a single mom of four young children.  She came to this country as an immigrant, fleeing from my drug addicted, abusive father.  We watched her work tirelessly to always provide and encourage us to do well in school and make something for our ourselves.

As I saw her struggle most of our life, I knew I had to be the difference maker.  I wanted more out of life than working in a factory for $5 an hour.  Being the only girl in a family of four, I embraced the freedoms and privileges of this country and became a true American.  Even back then, I remember the pride I had in being in this beautiful country of kind hearted and loving people that helped at every turn.  At a very young age, I came to love school.  I fell in love with books and dreamt of traveling to distant lands.  In my heart, I knew that one day I would travel the world and get to experience new things.  With our impoverished upbringing, I knew my mom could not afford for me to go to college.  Right after graduation, I joined the United States Army  and signed up for the GI Bill and Army college fund.

Joining the military was one of the best decisions of my life.  I met my husband and we married soon after.  We created a good life for ourselves.  We both served for three years and later moved on to corporate jobs.  In my corporate jobs, I moved into progressive leadership roles and continued to attend college while working full time.  In 2004, I finally graduated with a Master’s degree in Strategic Leadership.  I spent 15 years in various senior leadership roles in operations and sales management, achieving the level of Vice President. I learned everything I could and always volunteered for the tough leadership assignments because I knew I had what it took to succeed.  My perseverance always paid off.  I made a lot of money and won multiple awards for my exemplary performance.

All this was amazing, but I knew I wanted more out of life and after 19 years of infertility we conceived our son through alternative fertility methods.  I stepped away from corporate America and started my own franchise restaurant business. I wanted to watch him grow up and be an active part of his life.  The business side of running your own profit and loss operation was very tough and helped me to develop a very specific business acumen to serve and value people.  After almost five years, I closed the business.

I returned to my passion, leadership.  I searched and found John C. Maxwell.  He offers a certification through his vast body of work.  He is internationally recognized as a leadership expert, speaker, coach, and author who has sold over 19 million books and trained more than 5 million leaders worldwide.  His leadership philosophy of valuing people and serving aligns with my values of people being the key differentiator in any organization.  Today, I work as a consultant to small to mid-size companies where I can use my past experiences and skills to help companies with their vision for growth and success by valuing the people that work for them and the customers they serve.

I look forward to getting to know you and being able to partner and help your organization thrive in this ever-changing business environment!

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